Porsche 911 Hybrid

Porsche’s Own Hybrid 911

Top Performance 911

News From the Fatherland

We are excited to learn that Porsche’s CEO, Oliver Blume, confirmed long-circulating rumors and speculation about the 992 series 911 being offered in hybrid trim – and more, it is the top performing 911, above even the Turbo S variant.

A Logical Answer

Porsche 911 HybridAlthough details are sparse, it is clear that like Vonnen, Porsche plans to integrate its electric motor between the engine and transmission, and like Vonnen, Porsche is looking to hybridization not as a way to meet CAFE fuel standards, but rather as a logical extension of the 911’s core mission of maximizing performance across a wide range of driving conditions.

Man & Machine

Porsche 911 HybridWe applaud Porsche for recognizing that although the Taycan has immense appeal as a fully electric vehicle, the unique driving experience of a combustion engine powered 911 still has its place alongside it. Even as the march of time moves relentlessly on, the song of the flat six and the mechanical feel of flicking the shifter through the gears is an experience too dear to dismiss so readily – especially if it can instead be modernized with new technology. With reference to another famous German export from the 1970s, Kraftwerk, the 911 has the man/machine concept locked up.

The Ultimate Validation

Porsche’s direction with the 911 is the ultimate validation from the Fatherland of an approach that we strongly believe illuminates the path forward for power adders not just for Porsche, but the for the industry generally. How appropriate that Porsche, one of the earliest innovators of turbocharging as a method of extending the appeal of the 930 series 911 back in the 1970s, now sees performance hybridization as the new iteration of the same premise forty years later.

Congratulations to Porsche for joining Vonnen in working to keep the 911 we all know and love both exciting and relevant for the foreseeable future.

Hybrid Porsche 911

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