Shadow Drive Goes Like This

Shadow Drive adds 150 hp (110kW) on top of what your engine is providing and the instant throttle response makes it feel like even more.


With full torque available from idle, Shadow Drive fills out the engine’s power band down low and then boosts its peak.

Shadow Drive Behaves Like This

Shadow Drive Packs Like This

With its cleanly-integrated installation, Shadow drive is tucked away un-obtrusively. Trunk and backseat are retained to pack gear. Plan for weekend getaways and more.

Shadow Drive Sounds Like This

Sounds, engine revs, and sensations are essential to the driving experience. With Shadow Drive your engine makes the music, and the song is up to you.

Shadow Drive Drinks Like This

Spend more time driving, less time refueling. Traditional power adders drag down fuel economy, even when you don’t have your foot in it.


Shadow Drive lets you pass more pumps. Its regenerative braking captures energy normally lost to heat through the brakes and uses it to accelerate the car.

Shadow Drive Disappears Like This

Even beloved cars come and go from our lives. Shadow Drive is readily removed to return rare or lease-end cars to original state.

Shadow Drive Smells Like This

Unlike traditional power adders, Shadow Drive does not impact tailpipe emissions.

Why Settle for Anything Less?

Stunning performance, visceral excitement, efficiency, clean, control.

This is the new face of performance … without compromises.

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