The Shadow Drive Performance Hybrid System

The car you love with amplified performance

Kelly Moss Racing

With 900+ HP on Tap, KMR’s Vonnen Hybrid Porsche 911 Can Feel Like Driving on Ice… Literally

Matt Farah – The Smoking Tire

What it’s like to drive a 350 HP 911 with a 150 HP Aftermarket Hybrid System!

Alex on Autos

Vonnen Shadow Drive | The Other Way To Get A Hybrid Porsche:

Chuck Moreland Technical Overview with Matt Farah

How VONNEN’s +150HP Aftermarket Hybrid “Shadow Drive” Works:

Bill Davis Technical Overview with Alex on Autos

Vonnen Shadow Drive – Interview With The Engineer


Roberto Baldwin, Senior Editor of Engadget, takes the Vonnen Carrera out for a spin in this video review:

Porsche Club of America

PCA recently interviewed Vonnen’s CEO Chuck Moreland and test drove a Carrera with the Vonnen system installed. See it below:

Vonnen Is New-Tech Performance

By replacing the existing engine’s flywheel with a powerful electric motor, torque and power are added directly at the crankshaft. You get the sum of both power sources delivered in parallel; gasoline and electric.

The combined power is delivered through the existing transmission, the existing drive wheels, and available in every forward gear.

See Details Here…

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