Clean, Efficient, and Powerful


Breathe Easy

Adding big power without increasing tailpipe emissions is now possible.
The fastest cars available today now use electrification to enhance performance while meeting stringent emissions requirements. Shadow Drive offers this same technology as an upgrade to existing Porsche cars.

Recharges on the Fly
... and Flies

Through regenerative braking, Shadow Drive is the first aftermarket power adder that actively harvests energy that would have been lost to increase your car’s performance.

Power Without Penalty

Other power adders rely on making the engine work harder to generate more horsepower. Not Shadow Drive. Because the engine remains untouched, engine reliability/longevity, efficiency, and emissions compliance aren’t compromised even with the 150 horsepower increase that Shadow Drive provides.

More of the Good Stuff Without the Bad Stuff

Now you can have your cake and eat it too.
From emissions, to fuel efficiency, to overall power delivery, Shadow Drive represents performance without compromise.
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