Go the Distance

Shadow Drive is well suited for endurance racing. It recaptures energy under braking to extend laps between fuel stops.

Count on It

Whether you’re on track for seconds, minutes, or hours at a time, Shadow Drive’s intelligent algorithms and rapid recovery combine to ensure that the extra power is available when you most need it.

Walk Softly and Leave the Big Sticks at Home

Shadow Drive adds big power without adding decibel volume – a key consideration for many tracks.

Meet, Don’t Exceed, Class HP Limits

Shadow Drive can be programmed to meet, but not exceed, class horsepower limits. You still get the advantage of a fattened powerband while staying within class restrictions. Why drive with power peaks and valleys when you can have a wide plateau of torque?

Don’t get Caught Out

Racing is all about staying in the sweet spot of available power. Shadow Drive torque fills while turbos spool or an engine comes on cam. It can even smooth transitions onto peak power to prevent upsetting the chassis mid corner and maintain high corner exit speeds.

Set the Qualifying Time

When one flying lap to qualify for a top grid position or win a Time Attack is what’s called for, Shadow Drive delivers. Shadow Drive can be optimized to harness every ounce of available power to get you the fastest qualifying time possible, leaving absolutely nothing on the table.

Rely on Pro-Level Technology

If Formula 1 and LMP technology seem like unobtanium, read on. Shadow Drive brings the same capability of a KERS type system to club level racers as an aftermarket retrofit. Whether you compete in a power-to-weight limited class or unlimited class, Shadow Drive provides a pro-level advantage.