Plays Nicely with Others

Equally at home on heavily modified cars as it is on stock examples, Shadow Drive is the ideal compliment to take the performance offered by turbos, superchargers, and hot cams to the next level.

Vonnen Performance

Road & Track magazine says “In Street mode, it averages a 36 percent increase in torque from just off idle to redline, magically and silently turning the 3.4-liter into a virtual 4.6-liter. And in Overboost, it averages a 48-percent boost in torque, faithfully replicating what a 5.0-liter version of this flat-six might feel like.Read the full Road & Track article here…


Dyno Results



What to Expect

Vonnen Shadow Drive™ adds power in parallel with the existing gasoline engine. Power is added directly to the crankshaft.

VSD supports a range of Porsche models with varying stock engine power output, in all cases the Vonnen addition is the same. The combined performance potential therefore varies.