Vonnen Is New-Tech Performance

By replacing the existing engine’s flywheel with a powerful electric motor, torque and power are added directly at the crankshaft. You get the sum of both power sources delivered in parallel; gasoline and electric.

The combined power is delivered through the existing transmission, the existing drive wheels, and available in every forward gear.

Why Not Just Build Up The Gasoline Engine?

Vonnen-level power increases are nearly unheard of using traditional gasoline engine performance upgrades like exhaust, cams, intake and displacement. Only turbos with large boost increases or nitrous can get there. And in all cases the gasoline engine is seriously compromised in terms of drive-ability, smog, fuel mileage, noise level, octane requirements, reliability and life expectancy.

In contrast Vonnen adds an incredible 150 ft/lbs at the crank. Smooth, quiet, clean, reliable, and instant response.

The engine can remain completely stock. Or not. You can still develop the gasoline engine to whatever level you choose, and add Vonnen too.

The Vonnen difference is power. Lots of power, throughout the RPM range

Vonnen New-Tech Performance Benefits

Electric motors behave differently than gasoline engines. Vonnen uses this to great advantage.

  • Torque From Idle

    Vonnen’s electric motor is capable of delivering a full 150 ft/lbs of torque from idle all the way to 5500 rpm, with 120 ft/lbs still available through to 7500rpm . That means power at usable RPM, no need to downshift or wait for the engine to rev. Tip into the throttle at 1000, 2000, or 3000 rpm and go.

    It’s about having power when you need it and not just at some peak power RPM. Large area under the torque curve makes Vonnen easy to drive fast.

    The gasoline engine behaves as normal, building power as RPM rises. Let the engine rev to its powerband, and the combined power output is stunning.

  • Instant Response

    Immediate throttle response provides the driver with amazing power delivery control. This is especially useful when modulating the throttle to accelerate hard out of turns. Response happens within 25ms. Normally aspirated gasoline engines can’t even come close… and forget about turbo lag. This gives the driver an unrivaled sense of connection and control.

  • Power To Weight

    Vonnen’s electric motor weighs in at a mere 38 lbs, yet can deliver bursts of 150 ft/lbs of torque. That’s 3.9ft/lbs per pound!

    Vonnen is engineered to match the way we drive performance and road racing cars; bursts of acceleration separated by longer periods of steady state, deceleration and light acceleration. Vonnen is optimized to match this driving profile perfectly, keeping weight to a minimum while delivering bursts of high power. Between bursts the system is cooled and recharged, ready for the next burst.

  • Smog Compliance

    Clean performance. The gasoline engine operation is not altered, and that includes all smog and emission control systems and operation. Smog test results are the same, with or without the Vonnen system installed.

  • Regenerative Braking

    Vonnen’s motor can also operates in generator mode when not supplying boost. This allows the battery module to recharge from the gasoline engine, and it also recaptures energy normally lost through braking in the form of heat.

    Power used to turn the motor in generator mode slows the car, and is stored in the battery module – later used to accelerate the car. Recovering energy normally lost to braking enables Vonnen to increase the vehicle’s fuel mileage and efficiency. It is in effect “free” energy.

    The existing mechanical brakes and ABS system remain untouched and operate normally. Pad and rotor life are extended due to less demand being placed upon them.

  • And Fuel Economy Too!

    Energy normally lost to the brakes is stored and used for later acceleration, meaning less fuel is burned to get to where you’re going.

Software Controlled

Vonnen’s operation is controlled by the Vonnen Control Unit (VCU). Various modes of operation are driver selectable, and present modes of operation are the following:

  • Street Mode

    Optimized performance at street RPM range, drive torque used to accelerate only.

  • Race Mode

    Optimized for maximum performance at higher RPM, drive torque used to accelerate only.

  • Virtual EV mode

    Optimized for fuel efficiency, drive torque used for steady state operation and acceleration.

  • Stealth Mode

    Optimized for silent bursts of performance, electric torque used to accelerate while keeping exhaust note discrete.

  • Off-Line

    Vonnen system maintains charge levels, but not creating drive torque nor creating any drag on the drivetrain.

Easily Upgradeable

System software is upgradeable. As we develop enhancements to modes of operation, new modes, or other feature enhancements your system can be upgraded remotely. Together with your smart phone, the VCU software can be updated wirelessly.

Seamless Integration

Vonnen eBoost for PorscheThe Vonnen system is a transparent overlay on top of the existing drive train and in no way alters its behavior with respect to smog and emissions.

Exhaust systems including catalytic converters are not altered.

All existing emission control equipment remains intact, functional and un-altered.

Vehicle’s stock ECU is not altered, re-programmed, or interfered with in any manner.

Smog test results are the same, with or without the Vonnen system installed.

Fuel costs are greatly reduced when in Virtual EV mode.